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Server! 2024-06-11

A short update on the home server. I actually learned what Docker Compose is! And I run multiple services! Wowie!

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So what's this about a reverse proxy?

Australia Posting 2024-03-28

Featuring content focused on four days in August, 2023. Let me weave you a tale of my first trip to Australia...

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What can happen in 76 hours, anyways?

Alice in Motion (2) 2024-01-02

Wonder how I did the graphics for Transit Wrapped 2023? Want to see me fuss around in R? Enjoy a brief writeup and code heavy presentation of how I manipulated my daily transit data. I promise it isn't that interesting.

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The Lilydale service is now departing platform 5.

WritChal24 — Info 2024-01-01

I enjoyed Century A Day: November so much that I'm doing another writing challenge with more folks! Find out about it here.

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Woah, writing challenge? For me???

Updated semi-daily!

WritChal24 — Entries

Find my (daily?) entries for WritChal24 here. Or subscribe to my RSS Feed for (daily‽) updates in your prefered place.

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mmm yum, read up!

Transit Wrapped 2023 2023-12-31

I record all of my transit trips and I have a full year of data now! Enjoy a 'wrapped'-esque presentation about it!

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ding ding, the doors are now closing

server? 2023-12-17

I have a home server now? and I have thoughts and feelings? woah.

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read all about, read all about it!

Century A Day: November 2023-11-01

Ever thought about doing NaNoWriMo but then realised you're not a writer? How does 100 words a day for a month sound? Find all entries here (or in your RSS feed <3).

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witness my folly, a century of words at a time.

Month 2 2023-09-26

CW: Depression, Disordered Eating, Discussion of Suicide

Back once again, i check in with how exchange has been, how i'm doing, and some fun little tidbits, as usual.

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when you want to hear, it's here.

Month 1 2023-08-10

A lil review / recap of my first month in Auckland, NZ.

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ooo article consumption ...

Day 1 2023-08-08

Recounting my first day in Auckland, NZ.

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Read it ...

A collection of data on the Auckland Volcanic Field 2023-07-16

This is whole thing is drawn from the Wikipedia article on the Auckland Volcanic Field. This is a practice project in extracting data, making it pretty and presentable, and hopefully being able to use it practically to import nice reference points of all of the volcanoes. (Anti-skill loss project my beloved <3)

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