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Once again, I'm doing a writing challenge. I loved how doing a century a day for all of November felt and I yearn to continue my daily writing habit into the future (and bring some new folks into the fold). Currently, WritChal24 (for lack of a better name) will have weekly themes that authors are encouraged to focus on, alongside some other stuff. This was created with Laura and many others. If you read this and are interested in joining a writing chat, reach out to me (I think options are available in Who?)!



Weekly Themes

Notated as week number

  1. Year
  2. Weave
  3. Submerge
  4. Author Swap
  5. Transhumanist
  6. Medium
  7. ɘsяɘvɘЯ hahagetitbcitsreverse
  8. Author Swap 2
  9. Cube3
  10. Wizard Duel
  11. Sphere
  12. Branching
  13. Author Swap the Third
  14. Second
  15. Soundtrack
  16. Float
  17. Author swap take four
  18. Blood
  19. Vessel
  20. Language
  21. Author Swap V
  22. Cardinal
  23. Format Swap
  24. Unfinished
  25. Breakfast
  26. Road
  27. tbd...

WritChal24 Directory

Updated as people post 'em. Current as of 2024-04-08.

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