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i (am that which i am)!

hey! i'm alice, (aka 'AHC'). i made this website, which you probably already know if you're reading it. this website was made by me handwriting all the html, css, and rss and is super bodgy (i mean, with love, look at her), but all my friends were making websites to fill the void so i did too. i have a strong interest in public transit, exploring the places i find myself in ways that feel novel, and connecting with folks (n myself, i suppose). i've taken to writing lately, and am set to finish my undergraduate soon. expect some funky geography-related stuff, obscenely personal blogging, and a touch of creative writing.

hm uh. i got links. yep they go places.

if you need to email me i guess you can do that

oh btw means a link takes u off this site. don't think i said that

and those are (that which i am not)!

so many people i know have lovely websites!!! if you're looking for a good read i encourage you check these out:

  • Cahatstrophe's Curiosities: my friend and a lovely source of stream of thought-esque blog posts and beautiful short stories, and some coding stuff that escapes me (and is interesting all the same)
  • reverie.zone: my friend, roommate and ex's1 blog about judaism and longing for home
  • Laura: my friend and fellow CAD:N conspirator's neat lil site that inspired my JWST backgrounds :3
  • okaya: my game dev friend who wrote one of my favourite posts abt creating
  • Reemy: the most vibrant blue ever invented. incredible ASCII art. sick lil javascript to switch to shadow the hedgehog mode? impeccable
  • abramawitz: one the best written blogs on the block
  • katie: my girlfriend's cute lil' site !!!

This website is the full original work of 'alice, (AHC)' and is copyrighted by her (as of 2023 and onwards) unless specified otherwise. You do not have permission to copy, reproduce, or redistribute this website. But who cares, steal this shit and see if you get caught. Intellectual property is bullshit as an institution, doing serious harm to any non-capitalist systems of knowledge, harming everything from science, storytelling, and healthcare.

ok peace look at something else now