When alice, started recording her transit trips

Hey, reader. Did you know that alice, records every one of her transit trips on a google spreadsheet? Yeah, what a nerd, I know. 2023 is her first complete year of data, so let's have a little look through, eh?. How many trips can one woman have?


How many trips alice, took this year

Now, 'trip' may be different than the usual understanding. This is each individual transit segment, even if it transferred to another trip (e.g. taking Bus 1 and then transferring to Bus 2 would be counted as two trips). If you take this as it lies, this is an average of ~1.78 trips per day. But actually, it was a little more varied.

Wow, I didn't expect to see December coming out on top! That was only at 78 on Chirstmas. Good work, alice,!

168.1 hours

How long alice, spent on transit this year

Damn girl, that's a hot second. Her longest trip was on the New South Wales XPT from Melbourne to Sydney, taking exactly 12 hours (wow, that's kinda impressive). What about those other overall stats?

183 Unique Lines

558 Unique Vehicles

  13 Unique Modes

  21 Unique Agencies

Wow everything is so novel

That's a whole lotta unique occurrences! She rode how many different things? Woah. For those interested, the two least used modes were "People Mover" (in IAH intercontinental airport) and "Funicular" (in Wellington, NZ). What's that like by agency? (Note the log10 scale).

Most ridden line: STM 1 (87 trips)

Most ridden vehicle: NB4028 (4 trips)

Most frequent trip: des Pins / du Parc to des Pins / de la Côte-des-Neiges (14 trips)

But secretly, she's a creature of habit, aren't you?

The STM Line 1 (Green Line) being the most ridden line was a bit of a surprise! Good to see Auckland representing, finally, with the most ridden vehicle of 2023: a bus on the AT_InnerLink service. And of course, thank you Plateau friends (and romance) for supporting her most common trip of 2023, with all of them made before July (aka in the first half of the year).

Thank you for reading my transit wrapped. I only just began noting those who come along with me—if you joined me for any transit ride in 2023 (or ever), thank you, I appreciate you, I love you. Kiss me on the bus!

En cours

This was a fun project! This was generated using entirely my own data and methods, which brings me joy. The R code used to generate the information in this wrapped is available in Alice in Motion (2).

In order, the background colours used are: PTV Tram Green and Glen Waverly Group Blue (hi katie¡ <3), STM Logo Blue and Yellow, AT Warning Red and Signage Blue, Transport NSW Train Orange and Metro Turquoise, MBTA Commuter Purple and Green Line Green, Metlink Puru Kororā and Protoplasm, and VIA Rail Yellow and Charcoal. This footer is MTA Blue. I read a lot of design documents for this.

This was made by alice, a lady. katie << webring! >> blair

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