En cours


Well isn't that the question of the century. Frankly, I got bored and decided that I needed a website—that would fix me. I desire to be percieved, but also not to recognize that it's happening. Maybe I'm lonely (likely) but don't wont to confront it or reach out to my friends. So, website.

It's been nice, though. It inspired me to do a writing challenge in November (2023) that I've stuck with because I know my friends are reading. To learn the guts and basics of CSS and RSS to design an website and then have a post slowly spread to people without needed to post or message them about it. And, maybe, it might help me land a job (i mean. not this. but yknow the vibe. related skills or whatever). But, it genuinely is for my friends, a piece of myself to be witnessed. And that makes me glad.

Congratulations on finding this page, by the way. I did my best to hide it a little bit.

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