En cours

Transcript of Codes.pdf

Lack of css intentional.

Code 1 (Aztec)

I've been wired lately. Pure energy coursing through me, consuming me, I am everything and I am nothing, all that could have been and could still be and yet I remain, frozen in place.

Code 2 (Code 128)

But I continue all the same. We roll with it, as it is.

Code 3 (Telepen Alpha)

I mean, you're here

Code 4 (QR)

I've been so dead lately. Locked in place, staring at the screen, deadlines pressing, and yet I remain.

Code 5 (PDF 417)

What's a big change, anyways? A toss of the dice, see where they land?

Code 6 (Data Matrix)

I know the seasons will change. Summer's breath is on the wind, though it will freeze tomorrow.